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23:50:02Computer&VideoGamesNEU: Nintendo passed on Skylanders concept
23:45:15JoystiqNEU: Pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order, earn Team Fortress 2 hats
23:45:13Gamespot.comNEU: Xbox and PC game Titanfall was originally prototyped running on a Ratchet & Clank engine
23:45:07KotakuNEU: ?Solid Dating Advice For The Modern Geek
23:25:05KotakuNEU: What's The Absolute Worst Tie-In Video Game Of All Time?
23:15:36SpeedManiacsNEU: Trials Fusion: Testversion und Launch-Trailer zum Release plus Screenshots
23:15:35Eurogamer.netNEU: Hearthstone is now available worldwide on iPad
23:10:06JoystiqNEU: Zenimax Media files trademark for 'Nuka Cola'
23:10:02IGNNEU: Hearthstone for iPad Out Now Worldwide
23:05:11Videogaming247NEU: Warlords of Draenor’s spruced up character models won’t impact performance
23:05:11Videogaming247NEU: Nintendo turned down opportunity to partner with Activision on Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure
22:50:04Computer&VideoGamesNEU: Legal battles shook Titanfall dev Respawn, report says
22:45:27JoystiqNEU: Tackle 'Son of the Crawmerax' in final Borderlands 2 DLC
22:45:25Gamespot.comNEU: South Park: The Stick of Truth drops to $40 a month after release
22:45:25Gamespot.comNEU: GS News Update: PS4 company Sony to sell its entire stake in Square Enix, valued at around $47 million
22:45:25IGNNEU: Game Scoop! Episode 299.5 - Live from PAX East
22:45:25IGNNEU: Dragons and Titans Icemaul Trailer
22:45:24Gamespot.comNEU: Trials Fusion - Now Playing
22:40:09KotakuNEU: Hearthstone, Blizzard's addictive online card game, is now available on iPad worldwide.
22:40:09KotakuNEU: Watch A DayZ Player's Failed Attempt At Becoming A Bandit
22:25:05Videogaming247NEU: Rune Factory 4 has shipped a combined 200,000 digital and physical copies in Japan
22:25:05Videogaming247NEU: Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse: Episode 2 releases today on Linux, Mac and PC
22:25:04KotakuNEU: ?What It Looks Like to Play a Four-Dimensionial Game
22:15:09Eurogamer.netNEU: Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse: Episode Two is out now on PC, Mac and Linux
22:10:11JoystiqNEU: Naughty Dog announces final season pass DLC for The Last of Us
22:10:10IGNNEU: Game Scoop! Episode 299.5 - Live from PAX East
22:10:10IGNNEU: Call of Duty: Ghosts with Bobbya1984 - Massages, Vacations, and Headshots
22:10:10IGNNEU: Call of Duty: Ghosts with Bobbya1984 - Massages, Vacations, and Headshots
22:10:10IGNNEU: Launch Trailer
22:10:10IGNNEU: App Store Update: April 16
22:10:10IGNNEU: Nintendo Passed on Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Exclusivity
22:05:08Videogaming247NEU: Chaos: Reborn exceeds $180,000 Kickstarter goal
22:05:02SteamNEU: Now Available on Steam - Titanfall - The Final Hours
21:50:13Computer&VideoGamesNEU: Hearthstone launches on iPad worldwide
21:45:12JoystiqNEU: Hearthstone plays its cards on iPad today
21:45:08Gamespot.comNEU: Oculus creator: You'll understand why the Facebook deal makes sense a year from now
21:45:08Gamespot.comNEU: The Gist - 4 Gaming Easter Eggs Better Than Battlefield’s Giant Shark
21:45:04Videogaming247NEU: HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft now available for iPad
21:45:04Videogaming247NEU: Titanfall development chronicled, touches upon legal tussle with Activision
21:40:12KotakuNEU: Artists, Even Game Developers, Are Weird. That's A Good Thing.
21:35:05GamersHellNEU: Nearwood Collector's Edition Released on Steam, Screens Available
21:35:05GamersHellNEU: SingOn Released, Screens Available
21:35:05GamersHellNEU: HEX: Shards of Fate Beta Signups, Screens/Video Released
21:30:22JoystiqNEU: The Blackwell Epiphany demo launches ahead of April 24 release
21:25:08Videogaming247NEU: Sony releasing new line of PlayStation Now-enabled Bravia 4K TVs this summer
21:25:06KotakuNEU: Sit Back And Relax With These Dark Souls Ambient Recordings
21:25:06KotakuNEU: Mod Makes Mass Effect's Climactic Space Battle Playable In Homeworld
21:20:11GamersHellNEU: Wargame: Red Dragon Coming Tomorrow, Launch Video Available
21:20:11GamestarNEU: Datendiebstahl bei LaCie - Angreifer hatten ein Jahr Zugriff auf Kundendaten
21:15:14Computer&VideoGamesNEU: Watch Dogs PS4 and Xbox One visual effects detailed
21:15:09Eurogamer.netNEU: YouTuber recreates The Phantom Pain's nine minute trailer in GTA5
21:10:12Videogaming247NEU: Fortnite’s Ninja melee class abilities detailed
21:10:12Videogaming247NEU: Cult County Kickstarter adds 3DS to platform list
21:05:08IGNNEU: Minecraft PS3 Edition Gets Retail Release Date
20:55:02GamersHellNEU: Battle Academy Released on Steam
20:55:02GamersHellNEU: World of Tanks Update 9.0 Launched, Video Available
20:45:15JoystiqNEU: Fable Anniversary lead designer exits Lionhead
20:45:12IGNNEU: Snoop Dogg Voice Pack Preview
20:45:12IGNNEU: Snoop Dogg Voice Pack Preview
20:45:11IGNNEU: Snoop Dogg Voice Pack Preview
20:45:09Gamespot.comNEU: Resident Evil creator's upcoming horror game The Evil Within gets a funny mock news story from The Onion
20:45:09Gamespot.comNEU: Titanfall dev doesn't know--and doesn't care--if the game is making a profit
20:40:08KotakuNEU: Infamous: Second Son Update Drops Tomorrow, With Surprise Photo Mode
20:40:08KotakuNEU: Slender Man Is In Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
20:35:04GamersHellNEU: Evolve PAX East 2014 Screens
20:35:04GamersHellNEU: CasinoRPG Launched, Screens/Video Available
20:35:03Computer&VideoGamesNEU: Twitch backs streaming platformer Choice Chamber
20:25:06IGNNEU: High-Level Dungeon Battle
20:25:06IGNNEU: Veteran Boss Fight - High Kinlord Rilis
20:25:06IGNNEU: Snake Ladies Veteran Dungeon
20:25:06IGNNEU: Veteran Boss Battle
20:25:06IGNNEU: The Best Sgt. Hammer Build in Heroes of the Storm
20:20:08SteamNEU: Now Available on Steam - Nearwood - Collector's Edition, 20% off!
20:20:08SteamNEU: Pre-Purchase Now - Wolfenstein The New Order
20:20:08SteamNEU: Now Available on Steam Early Access - Earth: Year 2066
20:20:05GamestarNEU: Sony - Konzern verkauft seine Square-Enix-Aktien
20:20:04GamersHellNEU: Atlantic Quest Out Now
20:20:04GamersHellNEU: Dogfight Released
20:20:04GamersHellNEU: Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse Episode Two Released, Video Available
20:15:14Eurogamer.netNEU: Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn reaches over 2 million registered accounts
20:10:06JoystiqNEU: You can now buy Nuclear Throne straight from Twitch
19:55:06GamersHellNEU: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Reaches 2 Million Registered Users
19:50:12Gameswelt.deNEU: Video-Ãœbersicht, 16.04.2014 - Rockstah, 1337-Time, WrestleMania & mehr
19:50:10PCGamesNEU: Die Simpsons Springfield: Tipps und Tricks zu Spielverlauf und Donuts
19:50:10PCGamesNEU: Minecraft für PS3: Boxed-Version ab Mitte Mai erhältlich - Offizieller Trailer zum Release auf Blu-ray
19:50:10Videogamer.comNEU: Call of Duty: Ghosts - EXCLUSIVE Voice Pack
19:45:09JoystiqNEU: UK chain GAME to close dedicated Xbox store
19:45:04IGNNEU: Warplots Trailer
19:45:04IGNNEU: Titanfall Updates to Increase in Frequency
19:45:04IGNNEU: Titanfall Updates to Increase in Frequency
19:40:10Gamespot.comNEU: Firaxis Beyond Earth Panel from PAX East 2014
19:40:10Gamespot.comNEU: Firaxis' Beyond Earth Panel from PAX East 2014
19:40:10Gamespot.comNEU: inFamous: Second Son will get 30fps framerate cap option and new photo mode tomorrow
19:40:07KotakuNEU: Super Wine Glass: listen to this neat rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme song, played on a ton
19:40:07KotakuNEU: Bioshock Triple Pack, PSN and LIVE Updates, Corsair Vengeance 1500
19:40:07KotakuNEU: Titanfall Was Almost Destroyed By Lawsuits
19:35:04GamestarNEU: GameStars 2013 - Unsere Leser haben gewählt: Hier sind die Gewinner!
19:35:03Computer&VideoGamesNEU: Infamous Second Son Thursday update adds Photo Mode
19:35:034PlayersNEU: gamescom 2014: Startschuss für den Ticketvorverkauf
19:35:034PlayersNEU: Wildstar: Wir vergeben 1000 Beta-Keys
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